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New Year New Me

2015-01-05 17:25:23 by penguinduck

It's 2015 and I still haven't finished a single game I started working on.

News from your favorite guy

2014-01-01 12:11:46 by penguinduck


You're probably wondering how the hell you ended up on my profile. I don't have the answer to that question, sorry. Well, now that I have that sorted out, it's time to talk about stuff. I am quite a newbie on this site, because I don't really have a lot of things on my profile. I have 2 Cathode Raybots faces and a Carve 'n' Share pumpkin, that's really it. It's quite sad, really, but something changed. Yesterday, I started working on a game. Not just any game, but goddamn Shape Adventures 2. I am doing  the graphics for the game, and I'm quite thankful to my pal CrazyRock for giving me the opportunity to do it. I'll keep you guys (imaginary guys) updated.

tl;dr: I'm doing the graphics for Shape Adventures 2